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Five men were convicted yesterday of operating a sophisticated burglary ring that Federal prosecutors said was responsible for stealing "tens of millions of dollars" from banks and stores in New York and New Jersey.

One defendant, Vincent Zappola, 39 years old, was identified by the prosecutors as a leader of the ring and a member of the Lucchese crime family. The jury convicted the defendants of all the charges against them in the two-month trial in Federal District Court in Brooklyn.

The United States Attorney, Andrew J. Maloney, said the ring became known as the Bypass Gang because of the skill it used in bypassing burglary alarms. Witness Shot

The main witness was Dominick Costa, a licensed locksmith who served as the ring's safecracker. After becoming an informant, he was shot five times and severely wounded, but survived and went into the witness-protection program.

Two defendants, Michael Bloome, 28, and Salvatore Fusco, 27, were convicted of attempted murder for the Costa shooting. They were convicted, along with Mr. Zappola, of racketeering charges that included several burglaries. Two other defendants, Philip DeAngelo, 52, and Peter Spoto, 50, were convicted of participating in one of the burglaries.

Judge I. Leo Glasser scheduled the sentencing for January. The maximum prison sentences are 20 years for racketeering, 20 years for attempted murder and 10 years for transportation of stolen property. Originally 14 men were indicted, but eight pleaded guilty and one remains a fugitive. A Special Technique

The prosecutors, Jack Wenik, Michael Considine and Lynn Olinger, said that the indictment cited burglaries involving $1.8 million, but that the ring carried out many more burglaries involving tens of millions of dollars in cash and jewelry "throughout the New York metropolitan area."

The gang was described as using a special technique for the burglaries, which took place from July 1985 to October 1988, always at night or on holiday weekends.

Members of the gang would sever the telephone lines leading to the burglary site, dig a hole in the roof with a pickax and then lower other members into the building, where they would smash any alarm boxes, the indictment said. Some members would remain outside to watch for the police while using walkie-talkies to communicate with the members inside, the indictment said.

Among the places burglarized were First Nationwide Savings Bank in Queens, Atlantic Liberty Savings Bank in Brooklyn, a Bulova Watch Company warehouse in Queens, Jewelers of Bond Street in Great Neck, L.I., and Bradley's Department Store in Woodbridge, N.J.

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