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OAKLAND, CA: ANDREW FRANK HATCH was born October 7, 1898. It is believed he was born in Rapides Parish Louisiana, to Henry Hatch and Zilphia (McCoy) Hatch.

After 117 years, Andrew Frank Hatch outlived: three centuries, several wars, U.S. presidents, political milestones, earthquakes, momentous social movements and leaps of technology from the gaslight to LED. Hatch transitioned peacefully on January 18, 2016, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in the home of his daughter Delane Sims who he adored and to whom he attributed his longevity.

At the time of his passing, Hatch was likely the oldest man in the country, if not the world! While he did not care much about the recognition, he received accolades and several proclamations ranging from city and local officials and the President of the United States Barack Obama. Just last summer, he was featured in GQ Magazine with several other supercentenarians, a super exclusive club of those who have reached 110 years of age and beyond.

Andrew Frank Hatch was indeed super! He was fiercely independent, even at 110…112…115, and he continued to be healthy except for hearing loss and some memory lapse. In 2014, he was still living on his own in a downtown Oakland senior residence facility, The San Pablo, often going as he said, “to town”. That usually meant to Walgreens for Juicy Fruit gum, or cruising the sidewalks on his cherry-red motorized scooter fitted with rearview mirrors and his sunglasses.

About two years ago after a fall, he finally conceded to moving in with his daughter and son-in-law. In the spring of 2015, he had a leg amputated and became mostly bed ridden. But, in his last days, age had no bearing on his emotions and love for others. He always showed his broad smile when family and friends would enter his room; he was still talking and interacting with everyone right up until the last week of his life. His family felt especially blessed to have been given the opportunity of living together under one roof for the last two years; they took it as a gift from God and truly cherish the memories made.

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