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Born: 1839 Dawley Bank, Shropshire

Father: George Harrison

Mother: Fanny Tonks

Buried : 2/1/1891 Queen Street cemetery (G Section 2 131)

Born: 6/1/1839 Lester Street, Bilston.

Father: William Smith labourer (born Ireland)

Mother: Ellen Lynham (born Ireland)

Died; 1924 Walsall

Buried: 21/6/1924 Queen St Cemetery

Married: 4/5/1893 St Peters, Walsall (see Note 3)

Spouse: Joseph Walker (see Note 4)

Died: 1922 Walsall

Children: William Harrison b 1859 Bilston

Sarah Ann Harrison b 24/9/1863

George Harrison b 1869

John Thomas Harrison b 1872

Frances Harrison b. 1876

1841 census: Living Wellington with parents George & Fanny and brothers Thomas & William. Father a miner.

1851 census: no trace on 1851 census

1861 census: living with brother Thomas Harrison his wife Rosannah aged 22 and their daughter Eliza 3 and sister-in-law Ellen Ball. Brereton Terrace Cottage. Ellen a farm servant. Also with them their son William aged 1.

1871 census: Living 115 Oxford Street, Bilston. Lodging with them were the Waller family, husband, a forge labourer from Co Mayo, wife Mary 22 and daughter Margaret 8 months. Occupation: miner

1881 census: Living 51 Penkridge St, Walsall. Occupation: miner

1891 census: widow Ellen living 10 Penkridge Street

1901 census: Ellen who was shopkeeper (grocers) at 24 Hall Street.. With them was her son George 31, a silver chaser and boarder Kate Simpson aged 26 a fruit seller in a shop. Josephs occupation miner

1911 census: Residing 14 hall Street. Occupation miner (loader). Census return shows the house to have four rooms. Lodger with them Elizabeth Howle 76 pensioner born West Bromwich. Son George Harrison also with them, worker in iron works. Ellens place of birth given as unknown town, Staffs.

1921 & 1922 electoral register : Joseph and Ellen Walker living at 14 Hall Street with George Harrison and David Slimm

1923 electoral register: Ellen Walker, George and David Slimm at 14 Hall St

Funeral card reads In Loving Menory of James Harrison who died December 25th 1890, aged 50 years. Interred at Walsall Cemetery January 2nd 1891. A precious life from us has fled, The voice we loved is still; a vacant place is in our home which never can be filled.

Note 1: Death certificate gives cause of death as peritonitis, death certificate being received from Howard Stanley coroner after inquest 30 Dec 1890. He was seriously injured in a mining accident a few days before his death and the family believed this was the real cause of death. Living 10 Penkridge St at time of death..

On Tuesday Mr T H Stanley borough coroner held an inquest at the Sportsman Inn, Stafford Street on the body of Jjames Harrison 10 Penkridge Street who died on the 25th December. Mr W Beatie Scott H M Inspector was present during the inquiry.

Ellen Harrison, widow of the deceased, deposed that he was a collier, and worked at the Goscote Hall Pit. On the 4th December he was brought home injured, and he was attended by Dr Somerville until he died. He told witness that he was injured by some coal falling on hum. He did not blame anybody.

Dr Somerville deposed that he had attended deceased, having seen him first on the 5th December. Deceased was suffering from a broken leg, and a few days afterwards complained of a pain in his left side, where inflammation set in about three days later. The inflammation continued until his death, and was the cause of it. Witness though inflammation was probably due to cold, and the injuries would only indirectly have anything to with the death. Probably deceased got a chill in removal to his home, and if he had not had the accident that probably would not have occurred. If witness had had to certify the death he should have certified inflammation of the bowels and nothing else.

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