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• These Clearance items are products that we do not stock. We are lowering our prices on these items so we can clear our shelves for new stock. Once these products are gone, they will not be sold at this price anymore. No Returns on clearance parts

• Access Control Keypad replacements for doors where no card is used. For access control, commercial & public buildings, loss prevention, and security enclosures. Keypads that blend in with any decor. Ideal for interior or exterior applications (depending on model). For efficient use in poorly lit areas, the keypad features backlighting (which can be disabled). Silent mode can also be enabled if audible annunciation of keypresses is not desired.

• An Adjustable Top Pivot is the female portion of the top pivot located in the top rail of an all glass door. The pivot adjusts the door from frame to frame. Adjustable block and track assembly for easy adjustment.

• Astragals and Meeting Stile seals are used to seal the clearance gap between a pair of doors. The astragal is installed vertically on either side of a pair of doors. Astragals can be made of molded rubber and or nylon. Astragals can used on all types of interior or exterior doors.

• Automatic operators are the proven standard in schools and health care facilities. They are easily retrofitted into existing doors and frames, as well as new construction. Low energy electrohydraulic and pneumatic automatic operators feature a heavy duty closer with a slow opening function. Electromechanical automatic operators utilizes a motor gearbox and control box to perform the opening and closing function.

• The Center Hung Pivot is a pivot that is installed in the center of the door either on top or bottom of the door. Pivot point centered in thickness of door. They offer full floor-to-ceiling concealment for center hung doors. It can operate on either single acting or double acting doors. Center hung pivots are sold individually and as a set.

• Commercial Thresholds by Pemko, also called saddles, are made to transition under a door that seals out the weather. Door Closer Service carries a large variety of thresholds in stock. All of our thresholds are made out of aluminum. Thresholds can be used in varied applications such as wheelchair access etc. Saddle Thresholds, Half Saddle/Offset Saddle Thresholds, Latching Panic Saddle Thresholds, Modular Ramp Thresholds, Threshold Stop Strips, and Threshold Elevators

• Concealed overhead closers by Rixson, Kawneer, Dorma, International, LCN and Door Closer Service brand are door closers that are hidden by a cover plate in the frame portion above the door. The opening range of these closers are 90º degree 105º degree Hold Open or Non-Hold Open models and can be offset or center hung in the application. These closers can be used on wooden, glass, steel and aluminum and all glass doors. The concealed overhead closer should not be confused with the concealed in a door closers that are recessed in the door itself.

• End loads, side load arms, offset arm and track assemblies, cover plates, and other parts available for DCSC, Dorma, International, Jackson-CRL, Kawneer, LCN, and Rixson concealed overhead closers.

• Stops the door from swinging open and damaging buildings with a Heavy Duty Spring Chain. Specially designed for full-size exterior doors. Tear resistant, grey vinyl cover for protection against the elements.

• A bolt operated manually and not actuated by springs. When locked, the bolt cannot be forced back. A deadbolt is operated (projected and retracted) by a key cylinder or lever handle.

• Deadlatches offers flexibility of traffic control during and after business hours. A reverse turn of the key while the bolt is held retracted retains the bolt to allow two-way traffic for hospitals, banks, stores, and otherbuildings which require free entrance at certain times and exit-only at other times.

• As used in exit devices, a mechanism that fastens the cross bar in the fully depressed position, and also retains the latch bolt or bolts in a retracted position, thus permitting free operation of the door from either side. Locking or unlocking by hex key (Dogging Key).

• Door sweeps are surface applied to the face of a door. They are commonly used on the exterior of outswing doors. Door sweeps/channels help with keeping out the cold, heat, wind, insects, and rodents. Door sweep channels are available in several styles with materials based on your application. The inserts for door sweeps allow customers to select from vinyl, neoprene, nylon brush and pile depending on the application.

• A wide variety of replacement cone head screws for door handles & pulls available. We Carry Replacement Shoulder Bolts, Thru Bolts, Decorative End Caps, Washers, Bushing, Set Screws, Rivnuts, etc.

• A door pressure gauge is an instrument designed to measure the opening force of a door. They help to determine if the door meets A.D.A. Regulations. The Door Pressure Gauge is used by Building and Fire Code Inspectors, Architects and Contractors, Building Maintenance Engineers, Elevator Engineers and Door and Hardware Professionals.

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