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My family rented this apartment in September 2016 for the two-week Christmas break for the listed price. We signed the rental agreement, paid the deposit and balance, and received keys before our arrival. We were so happy to be in Paris after so many years, but our stay was made untenable because of the following issues that were neither fixed, nor addressed nor warned of before our arrival:

• Lack of hot water in the kitchen. Instructed by Owner to boil water to wash dishes and cleanup.

• No oven, and no notice of this in advertising for apt.

• Apartment has limited electrical circuits, one of which blew out with a hair dryer and was not reactivated for 24 hours.

• Smoke detector siren from adjacent unit went off and was blaring for the next 48 HOURS STRAIGHT because 24/7 management was not located.

• Nonstop, noisy, noxious-smelling work in the hallways of the entire building (as well as specifically the unit’s front door) the entire length of our stay.

Finally, we were offered just two nights’ discount even though we were compelled to stay out of the apartment just for some peace and quiet. We would prefer not being lied to about the condition of our unit and the building. We could have rented a functioning apartment with reliable maintenance if we were given the facts.

Owner's Response: Dear Ann, I appreciate your feedback. When we met in person almost a week before your departure and discussed all of the items you mentioned in your review, you did not voice any concerns. I understand that your experience once you arrived might have been different than what you imagined, and for that reason I hoped to arrive at mutually satisfactory resolution. I offered you two free nights, given that everything was in fact disclosed to you in advance. The only 'new' issue that occurred was a blown electrical outlet due to your having plugged a hairdryer into an outlet that couldn't support the voltage. This information was included in the apartment guide, which you were asked to read upon arrival. Unfortunately, there is no I could have prevented a smoke alarm going off in another apartment. Instead of negotiating with me, you elected to write this review and never returned my keys thus forcing me to have the locks changed. In summary, you are more than entitled to your viewpoint but you caused damage to my apartment which cost me money to hire an electrician and a locksmith.

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