locksmith cotton end

Always Use A Fast Locksmith | CG Cotton Kings
2807 23rd Ave
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 278-1723

I love this store. The employees are always friendly and helpful, and you can talk to one person in one spot, who will tell you what you need to buy and how to use it. I'm a woman so I always need help in hardware stores - something that's not easy to find in places like Home Depot, where if you're lucky enough to find somebody to ask for help, they probably won't be able to give you any practical advice. So for me, if there is something I can get either here or Home Depot I will always choose to come here and support a local business and deal with ppl who actually know what they're doing.

This is a local business that has been in Astoria for decades (I seem to remember reading that they opened in the 1920s, but I could be wrong). My parents and grandparents came here when I was a kid, and I have come here from time to time as an adult. My main reason to go here has been to have keys copied. Their locksmith is great, and the prices are cheap. The place is small, and, yeah, you'll probably have to go to a Home Depot or Lowe's for larger items. However, they have a pretty good selection. While there, I've picked up caulking, screws & nails, tools, and a whole bunch of other hardware. The people who work here are knowledgeable and nice, a wonderful combo!!! So, if you need new keys, or some hardware for a home project, definitely stop by here first and check out what they have. I've never been disappointed!!!

This is quite simply a great local hardware store, with knowledgeable, friendly employees and decent prices. For a small shop, they have pretty much everything you need and can answer your questions and can help you find just the right thing. Recently I went in with a crafted wood item that I wanted to make some improvements on. 1) They took the time to problem-solve with me and figure out just the right items for the improvements I wanted to make. 2) When they didn't have a product they suggested, they actually told me where I could buy it (nearby paint store). 3) When it turned out I didn't have the right tools at home to get the job done, I brought it back and they graciously pulled out their tools to help me finish the job. Everyone I interacted with was nice and helpful, and not just to me but with every customer I saw come in with every odd assortment of home improvement projects. I am glad to support this local shop and will definitely be back for future needs.

Quick, efficient and friendly. Price was $1 to copy keys and I grabbed a couple plastic color tops for $.20 each.

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