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Errol Flynn appeared on several radio shows, notably Lux Radio Theatre, among others. We are happy to be able to stream theses shows here on the Errol Flynn Blog! In no particular order, we present several shows at the following links:

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The Lux Radio Theatre. February 22, 1937. CBS net, KNX, Los Angeles aircheck. “Captain Blood”. Sponsored by: Lux. Peter Blood is accused of treason, is exiled to the Spanish Main, where he escapes and becomes Captain Blood, a notorious pirate.

Intermission guests are Charles Courtney (an expert safe-cracker, billed as the “world’s greatest locksmith”) and Douglas MacLean (intermission guest: silent movie actor and producer).

Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Donald Crisp, Henry Stephenson, Herbert Marshall (guest

host), Charles Courtney, Douglas MacLean, Casey Robinson (screenwriter), Rafael Sabatini (author), Ferdinand Munier, Vernon Downing, Leo McCabe, Ward Dane, Eric Snowden, Wyndham Standing, Vernon Steele, Edward Cooper, Eric Lonsdale, Lou Merrill, Helen Brown, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), Jerry Gail, Charles Emerson, Robert Payton (triples), Viola Moore, George French, David Kerman (triples), Ross Forrester (triples), Kenneth Rundquist (chorus), Kirby Hoon (chorus), Hubert Head (chorus), Richard Davis (chorus), Tudor Williams (chorus), Dudley Kusell (chorus), Harry Stanton (chorus), William Brandt (chorus), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 1 hour.

“Born in Ireland, a descendant of Fletcher Christain who led the historical mutiny on the Bounty, Errols old adventures on the South Seas before he turned actor read like a page of strangest fiction. Signed by Warner Brother’s, he made his first Hollywood success in tonight’s story, and his latest film is Green Light.”

In the post interview Errol says: “Life is still primitive over there in New Guinea. I spent 6 years in the islands- first as a patrol officer of the constabulary. If you can picture me as a cop, you can realize how primitive the place must have been … (after that) Well I grew a beard and became a beach comber. When I got tired of combing the beach and the beard, I traded a bit in pearls, after that I got ahold of a schooner and went into the copra business.”

Beam Ends has just been published.

Flynn says he is flying to New York in an hour and then sails to Europe .He hopes to get a look at the Spanish War, and then, on the way home spend a few weeks in South America.

The Lux Radio Theatre. June 7, 1937. CBS net. “British Agent”. Sponsored by: Lux. Romance and adventure with an English diplomat in Moscow during the Russian Revolution. De Mille makes a mistake during the final interviews and gets the name wrong during a film plug.

He also anounces the death of Jean Harlow “a few hours ago.”

Errol Flynn, Frances Farmer, C. Montague Shaw, Cecil B. DeMille, Colin Campbell, Cy Kendall, Don Terry, Frank Nelson (performer, program opening announcer), James Eagles, John Lake, Joseph Kearns, Lee Millar, Lou Merrill, Louis Silvers (music director), Ross Forrester (doubles), Laird Doyle (screenwriter), H. Bruce Lockhart (author), Nathalie Bucknall (intermission interview: former secret agent during the war, and head of the research department for MGM), Dolly Tree (intermission interview: costume designer for MGM), Melville Ruick (announcer), Harold Wilson, George Webb (doubles), Kenneth Hansen, Charles Emerson, Margaret MacDonald (commercial spokesman), Margaret Brayton (commercial spokesman), Grace Kerns (commercial spokesman), Barbara Jean Wong (commercial spokesman), Frank Woodruff (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects). 60:42.

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