locksmith Downtown seattle

Any locksmith downtown Seattle to change some locks ? Locksmith
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 439-6710

Lee and his co-worker did a great job making a spare proximity key for my car. He was less expensive than another quote my wife got and it included a working physical key. I would use him again.

This is an unlicensed locksmith trying to get money out of unsuspecting folks. The individual running the business doesn't have a valid business license either in the state of Washington or in the city of Seattle or in other cities he operates (seriously, look the business up). In regards to my experience with the locksmith, I gave him a call and he agreed he would show up to rekey our locks. After waiting for 3+ hours, I called him again to see where he was. He was ticked that I did a follow-up call and told me to be patient, because he has other customers. Mea culpa, so I waited for an additional 2 hours. I called him again and told him that we would have to reschedule since I was done waiting around and magically I was next in line from his list of customers. I told him too late and said we would reschedule for the next day. During our next attempt he had given me 2 hour time window and he showed up 10 minutes past the end of the time window without an apology. He then proceeded to do his thing and needed to run back to his van to finish the re-keying. He called to ask me how many keys I needed and I said five keys. When he came back to our apartment he handed me three keys and told me the job was done and quoted me $180+ for the job. I was dumb founded. When I asked him about the extra two keys (to make five that we agreed upon) he said that he ran out of keys (?!?!?) and would need to come back tomorrow "if you really want me to". Wow. Go with a license locksmith, don't fall prey to his scamming tactics.

I went out to start my car to let it warm up and thought I could use the remote to unlock it when I was ready to leave, nope. So now I have my car running and I'm locked out. I called Fast Locksmith and Li was there in 15 minutes or so and had my car unlocked within 5 minutes. The price was $150 which is kind of steep for me but oh well. I didn't read the reviews until after I made the phone call and Li was on his way and saw a lot of negative reviews and was worried but when Li came and did his job quick and was friendly it was obvious some people had gotten Fast Locksmith mixed up with other companies with similar names. If your not sure if your leaving a review on the right company just look it up by phone number. Not fair to trash one company due to your bad experience with another and you leave a bad review on a legit company.

Lee was unprofessional, increased the quote he gave me over the phone (which was insanely expensive in the first place) by $20 because the door "took to long to open". I would never use Lee's service again and would highly recommend that nobody else does ether. Go to a professional legitimate organization. It will be cheaper, faster and come with guarantees. I wish I could give this guy zero stars

Roy is the man. I've used Fast 3x over past five years and each time their service has been top notch. Professional, fast, courteous and affordable.

Nightmare. I was quoted $125 on phone for auto lockout fee, and I said "no thank you" and hung up. But i had already given the address. This locksmith repeatedly called and texted offering lower prices and I politely texted "no" one more time. He showed up anyway and wouldn't leave even when other locksmith arrived. Then I called police just because he wouldn't leave. What is wrong with this employee? Just wanted to be left alone after first 1 minute of interaction.

If I could give zero stars I would. Super unprofessional he called me over and over again - undercut another legitimate business that I decided to go with. He does not possess a locksmith license which is a big red flag because he does not pay taxes like the other legitimate locksmiths in the area! BEWARE!

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