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Robel came over within a few hours of calling to change my locks. He kept me up to date on his ETA and worked efficiently to get the job done. I was impressed with his professionalism, care, and understanding of my situation. My dog really liked him too!

Robel was AWESOME. Came the day I reached out to him. He was busy all day, but made time at 8p. He did a great job with the work; efficient but thorough. He also clearly walked me through what he was doing so that I learned a lot along the way. One of the best contractor/handyman experiences I have ever had. Highly recommended.

I had a couple items to get handled including the replacement of an old door knob on the back door and a new tumbler for the smart lock. He was very efficient, knowledgeable, and knows what to do! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Great service with a pleasant and happy attitude. Definitely keeping as my "go to" for any locksmith needs I have in the future!

What an outstanding experience. I needed to change locks and Robel was very professional and easy to work with and made what could have been a stressful situation very easy.

This guy is awesome! Thanks for the quick, reasonably priced, and friendly service. Great communication and great work. Always on call!

We just bought our first home and needed an affordable Locksmith and he was able to come out that same night we called. Robel is a very sweet and friendly guy. Emerald City was quick to respond with a quote competitive straight forward prices, no surprise fees as compared to few others we had called. He was very open on communicating on the work he was doing and the state of our locks with tips on how to maintain them. I highly recommend Emerald City Lock & Key for anyone who is need of a lock smith.

Loved the service. They were quick, affordable and flexible considering the circumstances.

i was heading overseas on vacation. People were going to be staying at my place, My home's front door lock suddenly broke while I was making last minute luggage checks, checking for passport, inventorying what I had in my carry-on etc, etc, etc. Panicked, I went on line and found Emerald City Lock & Key. Robel was out in no time even though I had likely totally interrupted his evening. On the phone i said I was sure I would be buying a new lock system but Robel said "Not necessarily, likely not." He arrived earlier than the fast time he had previously indicated. Next thing I know the lock is out in pieces and Robel is adjusting this, cleaning that and voila! The lock now works better than it ever has. I would highly recommend Emerald City Lock & Key to anyone. Robel, my hero! (PS The vacation turned out to be an amazing trip of a lifetime!)

Robel did an amazing job for me! I bought a house, there were some locks with no keys. He was able to change all the locks to fit one key, one of the locks was a type of lock that couldn't be changed so he even went to the trouble of buying me a new lock and replacing that lock with just the fee for the lock. Many of the doors didn't close properly, he assisted with recommending how to fix the doors to the seller. Great service, fabulous attitude, highly recommend!!

Very friendly and cool guy! I locked myself out of my apartment and was in a hurry and he wouldn't have been able to get to me for about an hour and a half. He was very willing to help walk me through trying to pick the lock myself. I walked back over to my door ready to follow his instructions and aparently I didn't pull the door hard enough to actually lock it. So it opened! The mere fact that he was willing to help me out when he couldn't get to me in the time I needed someone shows that this guy is the type of guy who's willing to go the extra mile to help you. Hopefully I won't need to but I'll definitely be calling him if this happens again. Thanks!

Very happy with Robel's work! He just fixed a sticky and loose deadbolt for a very fair price. And he showed me how to fix it myself in case it ever happens again. As he left he made sure to state that if any problems should arise, to let him know and he will "make it right." Highly recommend.

I highly recommend Robel as he was reasonably priced, friendly, prompt, and did a great job on our locks.

One hour ago, our son locked the door to the den in our almost new house. "You're not going to do any more work, Mama!" Mama's computer was in the den... funny kid but to our dismay we realized we didn't have a key! We tried but couldn't pick the lock. The windows outside were too high and secure to break in that way. We had no idea who could help us at 8 pm. A web search led us here and to Robell, who dropped whatever he was doing, drove to our home, opened the lock, child-proofed it, and is now gone. One hour. Reasonable rate. Friendly and efficient. I almost hope we have more lock trouble!

I highly recommend working with Emerald City Lock & Key. Robel is a joy to work with. Scheduling is easy and the work is done correctly and quickly. We had 10 apartments rekeyed on a master lock system. Robel tailored his schedule to that of our tenants - which is no easy feat - and he was also able to work with the tenant directly when a key emergency necessitated.

Robel came and rekeyed my locks at 10 pm on a Friday night after my home was broken into. It was very reassuring to have someone come out the same evening. He was prompt, very friendly and got the work done quickly. Super nice guy, highly recommended!

Great customer service at a reasonable price. I would recommend Emerald City Lock & Key. - Quick quote response - Responded to my request within an hour. - Confirmed appointment - Robel called to confirm my address and time, right before our scheduled appointment - On-time - Reliable Service - Fixed my lock and provided maintenance recommendations

Very responsive. Robel fixed my problem quickly and checked other doors as well. Polite, quick, clear, and creative. Will definitely use him again.

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