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Award for Excellence in Faculty Service and Award for Distinguished ScholarshipCombining his passion for law with his passion for teaching, Samuel Brickley, who is a professor of business law and criminal justice, creates a stimulating and supportive learning environment for his students. “My goal is for my students to learn the basics of the law, and have a reasonably fun time along the way, ” he says. Discussions are full of real-world examples, either drawn from Brickley’s 12-year legal career or from current local or national events that he or a student will bring up in class. more

Anyone familiar with Professor Ann McClellan knows she is proud of her midwestern heritage and is a dedicated Anglophile. Many also know of her dedication to scholarship and service, as demonstrated by her selection for two PSU faculty awards this year: The Award for Excellence in Faculty Service and the Award for Distinguished Scholarship. more

Distinguished Teaching AwardWith his love of story and words, not to mention his theatre background, Burrett McBee brings literature to life for his students, and helps them connect the material they study with the stories of their own lives. But, McBee is quick to point out that it doesn’t come easily. “This challenge to connect, to—with my students’ help—weave the fabric of our class together into a rich garment is difficult, ” he says, “but the rewards are great.” more

Over the past two decades, Ellen Braley has become known as someone who takes great pride in her work and is always ready to lend a hand, regardless of how demanding her schedule is on any given day. From helping a stressed-out student find a lost backpack to unlocking an office door for a faculty member who has misplaced their keys, Braley takes every opportunity to help others. more

Mike Morgan ’81G has been the superintendent of schools at SAU 16 in Exeter, NH, since 2008, but he sees himself as a teacher and storyteller at heart. This is why, despite his packed schedule, he always has tried to keep his hand in teaching, too.Distinguished Teaching Lecturer Award For the last 20 years, Morgan has taught graduate educational leadership courses, such as Transforming the Educational Agenda and School Finance and Negotiations, at PSU. more

Whether she’s on the job as the high-impact learning coordinator for PSU’s Center for Business and Community Partnerships or as the executive director of the Pemi Youth Center (PYC), Jessica Dutille ’03, ’04G lives for the times when a student realizes helping others can be so meaningful. more

There are more than 10, 000 doors and locks on the Plymouth State campus; Chris Chiocca is accountable for each of them. “It’s a huge responsibility to be in charge of the security and safety of everybody on campus, but that’s the life of a university locksmith, ” Chiocca notes. “Locksmithing is my trade and my passion.” more

Last year, Kim Bownes ’08G was named interim athletics director, and has embraced the myriad responsibilities and opportunities that go with the job. “Kim is everywhere—I’m pretty sure she never leaves campus, ” says PSU President Don Birx. “She truly embodies our motto Ut prosim (That I may serve) in a way that is new every day. She does what it takes to make PSU the unique and great place it is for our students.” more

Distinguished Operating Staff Award Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award The Patricia Storer PAT (Professional, Administrative, and Technical Staff) Award Sara Jayne Steen Operating Staff Service Award

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