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Long story short, I lost all my car keys and had called about 6 locksmiths I found online to make brand new ones and program them. The first never called me back, the second scheduled an appointment and never came and the third told me it was $120 on the phone and showed up telling me I had to pay $600 a key or he wouldn't do anything. The third one didn't go well and ended in a yelling match. I then found Tom from MNY who was very trustworthy. I asked Tom the cost on the phone, he said it would be $350 total for two keys, cut and programmed. Tom came to my house, was very respectful and extremely professional. In about 45 minutes I had 2 new keys. We even spoke in detail about the process and cost of the equipment so I understood why the keys were so expensive. Tom also said that he was a AAA vendor and even offered to help me file a claim if I chose that path. I decided not to do that but it was nice that he gave that option. In summary, skip the online people who are just trying to rob you. Tom is a reputable locksmith out of Ferndale that is going to treat you well. Highly recommend, just make sure that you cover out the door cost with any locksmith before they're at your house. Tom thankfully saved the day and saved me a pretty penny. You can't beat the convenience and tom's friendliness.

BEWARE!! Don't Trust Them!! Terrible Experience. Told me 15-20 minutes and called twice to tell me running late another 25-30 and then another 5 minutes. All wrong. 1 hr 15 minutes them when he arrives tries to hold me hostage for $129 for a simple locked car door. When I wouldn't pay that and told him he'll no, he offered $70 and in 10 minutes he sees he doesn't have all his tools. BRUTAL!! Called Macomb CountLocksmith and he's was there in less than 15 minutes and charged me $70. Good guy too

Pricier service than some of the other locksmiths I contacted, but I needed the locks to my house re-installed and they were able to accommodate me with short notice. The technician who installed my locks was able to work around a difficult door frame and thus far my locks have worked fine. He said they have a lifetime guarantee on the work which is nice to should should there be issues in the future. I did take away a star though because the technician smelled like smoke and the odor remained in my home after her left.

Cost may vary with no explanation... I recommend avoiding in emergencies unless you're ready to pay. Consider looking into a AAA membership before using these guys for vehicle entry. I locked my keys in my car, called for an estimate and was told $29 for them to come and $15 minimum charge plus additional charges for specialty tools. After waiting 40 minutes in the cold (mostly not the servicer's fault for the delay, I was in a tricky area), I was quoted a total of $179. I was late, cold, and had to get home so I paid - stupid mistake. THE GOOD: My locksmith was really nice, did a great job, and was very patient. I may have been OK with the price if I hadn't been broadsided with it. I called and spoke with Yotam who told me he's part owner of the company. He would not provide an explanation of what standard services are included in the $15, what could constitute $150 in charges, what the average cost for opening a car is, and would not let me speak to anyone else. It was quite frustrating. Although, he did tell me that even though their website says 15 minutes, 40 minutes isn't bad at rush hour and some people have had to pay $700. So I guess it could have been worse, thanks Yotam.

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