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Just moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. My new place did not come with a deadbolt lock and the landlord would not pay for one, so I called All Brooklyn Locksmith. This wasn't an emergency and I let them know that. The operator got back to me within an hour and scheduled a time the same day to have a locksmith come by for the install. He came within 4 hours of the call. He was professional efficient. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. He took the credit card over the phone because I couldn't pay cash. They take Visa and MasterCard but not American Express. The locksmith overheard me talking to my friend about window guards and he mentioned that they could also provide installation services for them, so I might be calling them back for this as well.

Called at 545 was guaranteed guy would show up 720 at the latest. Guy showed up at 8:55. Very nice, and a good attitude, which is what saves this from one star. if you can't make your guaranteed time, don't bullshit the customer and then tell them you're held up by forty minutes. if you have another appointment beforehand, give the customer a realistic window of time so that the customer can then make other plans. Otherwise, you could end up with a two star yelp review.

I somehow locked the door to my bathroom from the inside, and I leave my dog in there when I leave the house. So when I came home, I had no way to open the door and my dog was stuck inside. She has a lot of anxiety and started wailing, knowing that I was home but she wasn't able to get out. I called this locksmith and told him it was an emergency and the guy said 15 minutes. He came within 25, which is still pretty good. He also managed to open the door within seconds (he just moved a piece of cardboard up and down the the space between the door and the lock). So why the bad review? Well I thought the price was ridiculous - $95 for him to come and move a piece of cardboard up and down the door? This is something that I easily could have and would have tried myself had I not panicked that my dog was so frightened. It took literally no more than 15 minutes total of this guy's time including the drive from Flatbush Ave (15 minutes is GENEROUS, it was probably 10), so you'd think he would cut me a break, but no. I definitely wouldn't use him again just because I'm sure there are plenty of locksmiths out there that would do a great job without price gouging afterwards.

I needed service at 9am on a Friday. I live close to All Brooklyn and the technician was at my door in 10 minutes. Another 10 minutes and my lock was changed and I had 2 new keys for the new lock. Great Service, friendly technician. I'm calling these guys next time! Thanks, All Brooklyn!

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