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The scent of congealing oil paint and residual saw dust particles waft through the entrance of the City & Guilds of London Art School 2015 Degree Show in Kennington. The school supports diverse artistic practices including stone and woodcarving, sculpture, painting, printmaking, conservation and conceptual installation and video works. The artists reviewed below preset a glimpse of the many graduate skills including Steven Atkinson, Maria Macc, Thomas Elliott, Samuel Gough-Yates, Alakina Mann and Cata Ivancor. Not only do these artists represent many materials and skills, but also a range of contemporary subjects and concerns. The many faces of social media appear set in stone as though they had always been there and then the medium is challenged in contrast to a video format. The artistic self is explored intimately through textures of the skin and through laborious performance. Nature is pressed into plastics to express how industrialism separates life and death, and the colour orange becomes a metaphor for a similar birth and betrayal. The degree show with its range of practices contains surprising maturity and individuality.

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