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Ignition Switch Replacement

Why won’t my car start?

There is a good chance that your car is not starting because of a faulty ignition switch. Most people will try to replace their car battery when there is an issue with a non-starting car, but that will not solve an issue with the ignition switch. When the car is not starting because of an issue with the ignition switch, the power is being disrupted at the point where the key is being turned. There is an energy flow, it is just being directed improperly. This can be solved with ignition switch replacement.

How do I know I need to replace my ignition switch?

Issues with the ignition switch can mask themselves as other problems. The most telling instance of an ignition issue is when the car is not starting. This may be an instance when the car will crank, but the engine will not start. There is also a chance that there will be no cranking at all, and no real sign that the car is attempting to start. What you are missing, in this case, will be the ignition spark. This requires maintenance to the ignition switch. If the switch cannot be repaired, then the vehicle will need to undergo an ignition switch replacement.

Can I just get my ignition switch repaired?

There is not always a simple repair that can be made to your ignition switch. Every once in awhile there is a piece that can be replaced or a wire that can be repaired, but that is not always the case. This threshold comes down to the cost and availability of the replacement component. The exact issue would also need to be established. Some issues with the ignition switch can be deceptive, and there may be more than one problem. Your locksmith will tell you when it makes more sense to choose an ignition switch replacement over repair.

How long does it take to replace the ignition switch on a car?

Ignition switch replacement takes about 20 minutes once all the necessary parts have been recovered. The exact time it takes will depend on the complexity of the car’s ignition covers. Most of the time it takes to complete an ignition switch replacement is used to remove all of the different latches, screws, and bolts used to hold the covers together. Everything that is taken off will also need to be put back on. Have no worries, because these processes will be completed quickly will making sure not to damage any part of the car. That includes scuffing plastic covers, stripping screws, or bending latches. A professional locksmith will also ensure that there is no damage done to the wires that are exposed during this process.

Can a locksmith replace my ignition switch?

Yes. A locksmith is fully capable of performing an ignition switch replacement. This is sometimes required after the diagnoses from one of our auto locksmiths. If there does not seem to be an issue with the ignition cylinder, then there will need to be further investigation into the effectiveness of the ignition switch. There is a chance that this service will need to be done at a later time if it is diagnosed on the spot. Ignition switches vary a great deal between car models, and may need to be gathered from a second location. No matter where you car is, though, the locksmith will be able to arrive there in their mobile unit.

Do I need to take my car to the locksmith?

One of the best things about choosing to have a locksmith conduct an ignition switch replacement is that they can come to you. As a locksmith, there are many emergency services that we provide. This means we have the means to travel, and mobile equipment. Rather than having your car towed to a mechanic, you can save money by having a locksmith come to your location. All you have to do is request the service and provide the company with the necessary information about your car. With the pertinent details about your car, we can secure a replacement ignition switch and install it upon arrival. This can be done as an emergency service or by scheduled appointment. The amount of time it takes to procure the appropriate ignition switch will depend on the availability of the part. The more common your car is, the better chance you will have at a quick turnaround time.

Why should I use a locksmith to change my ignition switch?

This is a good question. An automotive issue like a faulty ignition switch seems like it should be under the purview of a mechanic. The reason a locksmith should be used instead of a mechanic is because this is really an issue with your lock. Though the ignition switch is not the same as an ignition cylinder, they are both needed for the key to work correctly. On top of being a lock problem, a locksmith can come to your location. Mechanics rarely offer a mobile service that frees the customer up avoid using the vehicle that has been functioning improperly. Trust the professionals if you need an ignition switch replacement.

Ignition Switch Replacement

When you need your an ignition switch replacement, there is no better place to turn than United Locksmith. We have the skills to diagnose whether you need your ignition switch replaced, or if there is another service that would better assist your ignition. Once we find out that there is a problem with your ignition switch, the next step is always to inform the customer of the issue. That includes telling them the estimated time the job will take and the price required for servicing. Once the customer is happy with the information that they have received, we remove the battery connection so there is no power going to the engine or the electronics. Then the locksmith will begin to take apart the cover panels on the dashboard. Taking these off, and reinstalling them, will usually be the tasks, which take the most time. With the ignition exposed, it can be removed and replaced. During this time, an amateur could make the mistake of damaging wires and connections. For your own safety, and the safety of the vehicle, it is best to leave ignition switch replacement to a professional locksmith.

Diagnosing the Issue

In order to find out if you need an ignition switch replacement, first, you need to look at how the car is behaving. The initial step in diagnosing this issue is to check to see what is happening when the key is rotated to different positions. With an ignition, there are commonly four distinct places the key can be turned to. The first is “OFF” (also sometimes called “LOCK”) which is rather self-explanatory, but for the sake of clarity, it should be explained. When it comes to the electronics of the lock there is no power being directed to any part of the car when it is in the “OFF” position. Next is the accessory position, which has the letters “ACC” on it. In this position, the current allowed to certain parts of the vehicle such as the radio and air conditioning. Then there is the “ON” section. This will turn on your display lights, allow you to operate electric windows, turn on your clock, etc. Moving your key to the “ON” position will not start the engine. In order to start the engine, you will need to move the key to the “START” position.

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