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I lost my car key about three weeks ago . Didn't have any money save to get a new . Everything was literally coming down on me at once . Kids sick, lost car key with my house keys and mailbox, it was a total nightmare f m hell . I kept calling every lock smith there was and they were charging me a ridiculous amount of money, and I couldn't afford to pay so much with all the situations I had going on . Every lock smith charges a lot of money due to having them call the dealership of the make and model of your car so that's why they charge extra . Mind you I didn't have $300-$400 that every lock smith was asking for . I was recommended to Koons from the guy that makes the keys at home depot, I went there and they were charging me $110 to replace my laser cut car key with the codes I got from my dealership . They said if I didn't have the right code to the vehicle I would have to come out of pocket and loose my $110 for them having to make the key with the code I gave them, I guess they knew I had a huge emergency in not having my car due to me getting code from dealership saved me a whole lot of money when they were original going to charge me over $300 for the key but since I cut corners and saved time he then lower the price to $80 for the key. Now he didn't have to do that . But honestly I thank god that they were able to do that . I will definitely go back to them anytime .Great customer service .i am new to fort Myers and by far one of the best lock smiths around I would recommend to anyone .

They received two stars for the quick response. The locksmith was extremely rude to me. After having him rekey the lock today we unlocked the door for the first time and the door handle fell right off. Now we are going to get tools so we can reattach the door knob.

I would give a zero if I could.I came in to get a key for my car, because mine was broken.I had the broken key and 2 keys I bought off line.As soon I told the guy what I was there for he said we don't do that here.I said ok, he didn't tell me what they did/what they could do for me and he didn't suggest who could help me or assist me with finding someone who could do the keys for me.Given telling me where I could go or asking a coworker if they knew, is going above and beyond, but should I should have been given options of what they could do without having to ask.That was my first and last time going there, I do not recommend them first impressions are everything!I went to AVI G Locksmith.He is a mobile locksmith and came to me and did not charge me for coming to me!

Great place to get your residential and commercial lock needs taken care of, the staff is great and very knowledgeable. they were very helpful even when we needed a $5 screw for our storefront door. Stephen at the 41 store and Stan at the Fowler store were great !!!

Arrived within a couple hours of my call and changed all the locks for our business. Mike was great. No complaints - I'm a fan.

These people ROCK!!! We built and new home and wanted a safe installed. We did the entire transaction and installation remotely. Very easy transaction, great communication, worked very well with the closet installers and the result was exactly what we wanted. Perfect all all counts.

I recently moved to a condo in Fort Myers. Luckily there was a Koons Locksmith sticker on it. I called and they made it so EASY and were extremely flexible in scheduling, very nice, quick, and professional.

I lost a mailbox key then other day and was down to just one, so I needed to have another one made. I went to Lowe's first. They made me a key. I went home and it didn't even come close to fitting. I took it back and they couldn't find one that they thought might work. So I went to Home Despot where they had the same selection of keys issued by the same companies and they couldn't match it either. So I then went to the Ace Hardware on Fowler Street where a very nice lady attempted to match it without success. She suggested that I try Koons across the street. At Koons I showed the clerk my key and before i could get started on my tale of woe, he went to his key selection, immediately took a key, made the copy and returned both the old and new one to me - all in about 20 seconds. It cost $3.50 instead of the $1.50 or so the other places charge, but guess what? - they know what they are doing and the key works beautifully. I mentioned the other places I'd tried to him, and he said "Well, you know, they do this as a convenience, we do it as a business." Well said. This is a great place.

Don't waste your time going to Home Depot, Lowe's, or Ace. You will just end up here in the end because most of the time, the keys may look good, but won't turn your locks when you get home. Just go straight to here - they are very professional and fast. I have used their services in December 2010. Now i need more keys made and am going back to John Koons Locksmith to have them made. Not going to waste my time at the other places.

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