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Fremont, CA 94536
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I was in Fremont meeting friends for dinner and locked my keys in my car while getting gas. I was stressed trying to figure out how to retrieve my keys quickly to get to dinner on time. Last time I used a locksmith they took forever and charged way too much, so I was really happy when I called AAA+ locksmith and Aaron came quickly to help. Aaron was very efficient and professional and worked quickly so I was not too late to meet my friends.

Does not show up for "appointments". Rescheduled, did not show up a second time. You're FIRED! Doesn't call customer. Doesn't seem to give a crap. Would give zero stars if possible, since no one ever showed up. Hired someone else. Don't waste your time with fake yelp rated businesses like this one.

Locked the keys to our place. Made a call and they said 20 minutes but arrived 45 minutes later. Got us back into our place within minutes of their arrival for $125.

Set up an appointment for a Saturday at his comfort. I was ok for Thursday, Friday and or Saturday. Never showed up. Never called to excuse himself. Total waste of time. Would not recommend them.

Locked the keys in the trunk of a 350z and couldn't find the spare... Really hard to get to the door lock because of the position of it. He arrived in less than 30 mins and got the door open within a few minutes. Excellent timing so the Wifey could get to work and I could pick up the kid. THANKS!

Aaron did really a great job. He is very professional and efficient. It took him just 5 minutes, literally 5 minutes to help me out get my keys from car while I was locked out. I really recommend AAA+ Locksmith. Great work and fair price!!!

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