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The 1st Time I was here was to replace the key to my Scion XB, this time I came back to replace to key to my company car San Juan Driving School, I can not complain extremely happy with the service very quick & pleasant I was in & out in 5 minutes...with two keys & remote for a better price than the dealership!! Thank You Armor Locksmith & Security!! So for all Keys, Locks & Security cameras you should definitely come to this place!!

***Update*** I have to update my previous review. I am removing two stars because the key fob that i bought ended up falling apart...literally. The center button fell out and with my luck it rained before i could get to go back to the locksmith. Now my key fob doesn't work and I'm back where i was before buying a new key. Service was definitely 5 stars but i wish the quality of the key fob was better. ***Previous Review*** I own a 2002 BMW 5 series. This locksmith has been nothing short of amazing. They have made me a replacement key at a reasonable price and when the key stopped working shortly after, they replaced the board in the key free of charge and in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend this locksmith to my friends and family. Thank you.

I called them 2 weeks before moving into a new house. The staff politely scheduled service, then called a few days prior to the actual appointment to confirm. I was happy already. The locksmiths were prompt and in uniforms. The asses the doors I needed addressed and presented the options. The work was quality and quick. I was satisfied the price was reasonable. I will use them again.

Armor Locksmith's advertisement of 50% off duplicate car keys + programming compared to the car dealership was really enticing. The owner Benny told me that it was going to be a quick and hassle-free process and that it would only take 8-10 minutes. Well something happened and Benny and 2 other locksmiths came to my car and couldn't find out why my car key wasn't programming. They kept me out of the loop and wouldn't tell me what was going on. After 40 minutes of frustration, I really wanted to leave but they deactivated my original car keys and couldnt even get that one to work. Worst of all, my car alarm wouldn't turn off and it was beeping non-stop for a good 30 minutes. They were constantly calling other people on their phones to get advice on how to fix my car. So at the end, we found out that they were programming my car the wrong way because they didnt realize that my car was a hybrid. Afterward, they were able to get my key to work but my checked engine lights were on and my VDC lights wouldnt turn off. They were going to take out my battery and start experimenting with it, but then their mechanic friend advise them not to do so and send me over to them. We were finally able to resolve everything but I was scared that they messed up my car and I missed a morning appointment. I guess you get what you pay for at the end of the day. Next time, I might consider going to the car dealership and spend more money just to have the ease of mind. The whole process took 1.5 hour. Come if you have a regular car but Hybrid owners...Make sure you tell them it's a Hybrid or you'll most likely go through the same situation I did. I rather go to an expert for future reference.

I lost my car keys on queens mall (smart nissan key), I was so nervous, I googled for locksmith in queens, I called the first one who came up, they didn't give me an exact price (which I didn't like) they told me that the price starts at $145, it was too cheap and suspicious, I asked if that's the price $145? They said no, it starts at that price and only their technician will know how much it is once he gets there.. I googled Armor locksmith after, they had a set price of $250 but promised no surprises, I knew that the key itself without the service to come and cut and programmed it cost more than $145 so I went with armor locksmith, they came fast and charged me exactly what I was promised, I am happy with their service, thanks Armor!

Fast and easy. Got car key replacements made at significantly less cost than quoted by the dealership. Friendly service in the storefront. I would happily use them again.

Honest and quick! I visited this locksmith to make copies of my dad's keys. Apparently there was a guy at the store, and he told me that a few keys were the same which I obviously did not noticed. Honesty! Key making was quick too. I would visit this store again when I need. :)

Called to inquire about a duplicate key to made for my car. I was told the Locksmith would call me back with some information within the hour during the afternoon. I never got a call. I called the next day to ask and he said told me the cost. IT WOULD COST $50 MORE THAN WHAT THE DEALERSHIP CHARGES. I told him this and he told me "Good luck with that" and hung up. He tries to rip me off and proceeds to be rude on the phone. I won't be giving any business to this place. Terrible.

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